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Are You In pain? Our Injury and Rehabilitation Facility Can Help!

Considered among the top physical therapy providers in Hollywood, Florida, our elite team at Premier Total Healthcare comprises some of the finest chiropractors, esteemed doctors, renowned physical therapists, and professional massage therapists. Their collective prowess ensures the accurate diagnosis, meticulous documentation, and precise treatment of injuries stemming from automobile accidents, workplace incidents, slip and fall mishaps, and sports-related calamities. If you find yourself in pain following any such accident, rest assured, our team of licensed providers is here to alleviate your suffering.

At Premier Total Healthcare, we don't just offer rehabilitation; we deliver a comprehensive, unwavering commitment to personal injury recovery. Our approach is nothing short of exceptional, encompassing expert evaluations, advanced pain management, tailored therapeutic exercises, and cutting-edge techniques designed to meet your unique needs. Our dedication goes beyond mere physical health; we address the emotional and mental aspects of your well-being, guiding you through the journey to recovery. Our devoted professionals are here to educate and support you, empowering you to understand your condition and take charge of your healing process. Remember, at Premier Total Healthcare, you're not merely a patient; you're a valued individual embarking on a journey towards a healthier, pain-free life. Place your trust in us to lead you through every step of your rehabilitation, aiding you in reclaiming your vitality.

Premier Total Healthcare isn't just a rehabilitation center; it's a state-of-the-art sanctuary for medical, chiropractic, and rehabilitation excellence. With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, we proudly uphold our unyielding commitment to providing the highest quality care and service to our cherished clients, especially in the realm of personal injury physical therapy.

Whether you or your client have suffered the unfortunate consequences of a car accident or any other personal injury situation, Premier Total Healthcare's orthopedic physical therapists are here to deliver the care you so rightly deserve. We offer comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy to anyone in need, and our ultimate goal is your permanent recovery, enabling you to live life in comfort once more. Our Premier's physical therapists not only facilitate your return to health but also stand by your side, offering guidance through the intricate personal injury claims process.

We Can Help, We Offer:

• Medical Doctors

• Chiropractors

• Physical Therapists

• Massage Therapists

• X-Ray Services

• Transportation

The Benefits of Personal Injury Rehabilitation at Premier Total Healthcare

Top-Notch Expertise: Team of chiropractors, medical doctors, and physical therapists who are dedicated to your wellbeing.

Comprehensive Services: Our offerings include in-house x-ray services, medical EMC's, and Pre-op exams.

Transporation & Secure Parking: Transportation and secure parking for your convenience.

Various Rehabilitation Services: Our facility offers an integrated rehabilitation center with a wide array of treatments, including Physical Therapy, Exercise, EMS, Traction Therapy, Therapeutic Laser Therapy, Heat/Cold Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Localized Cryotherapy, Vibration Therapy, Percussion Therapy, and Cupping Therapy.

Modern Facilities & Convenient Location: Our offices are exceptionally clean and modern, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our clients, while conveniently located in the heart of downtown Hollywood. 

Unique Approaches: We handle both catastrophic and soft-tissue cases and offer innovative solutions such as vertical spinal decompression to document and provide top-tier care.

Pain Relief: Effective pain management strategies tailored to your specific injury.

Improved Mobility: Regain and enhance your range of motion and flexibility.

Faster Recovery: Accelerate the healing process to get back to your daily activities.

Prevent Further Injury: Learn techniques to avoid re-injury and protect yourself.

Individualized Care: Personalized treatment plans for your unique needs.

Strengthen Muscles: Rebuild strength in affected areas and prevent muscle atrophy.

Better Functionality: Regain the ability to perform daily tasks and activities.

Pain Avoidance: Develop strategies to manage and minimize chronic pain.

Emotional Support: Coping mechanisms and emotional well-being during recovery.

Quality of Life: Enjoy an improved quality of life with reduced pain and increased mobility.

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Car Accidents, Workplace Accidents & Other Types of Personal Injury

A personal injury claim is a legal action stemming from an accident, injury or premises liability. They are traumatic events that can cause both physical and emotional pain. These are often injuries from car accidents, workplace accidents, general property injuries or bad falls.

Not all accidents are legally considered personal injury cases. If the injuries were obtained from an accident that was caused by negligence or the wrongful action of others, they may meet the legal definition of personal injury. In addition to physical pain, personal injury claims can relate to emotional injury.

Personal Injury Legal Claims & Working with an Attorney

Premier Total Healthcare only treats personal injury patients who have a physical condition and are working with an attorney in pursuing a claim. This is out of an abundance of caution and the complexity of personal injury law. Although we treat personal injury accident patients, we do not offer legal advice.

Letter of Protection

As a courtesy to our patients, our injury clinic accepts an Attorney’s Letter of Protection in lieu of payment. We have the experience and expertise to manage the Letter of Protection services, ensuring the proper medical care is given.

What to Expect from your Personal Injury Treatment

As with all physical therapy treatment, we evaluate each patient to find the location and extent of his or her injuries. Premier Total Healthcare then provides a personalized treatment to help ease pain and regain lost mobility to improve the patient’s level of function post-injury. We use an evidence-based approach to treating a personal injury case, just as we would any other type of injury.

Personal Injury Rehabilitation Evaluations

Premier Total Healthcare implements a combination of evaluations based on the injuries a patient has sustained. These evaluations assess a patient’s pain, strength, range of motion and integrity of musculoskeletal structures, as indicated by the specific injury.

The information we gather helps us understand the injuries we will work to heal and can provide necessary information for any personal injury claims. We may use the various rehabilitation methods of mechanical diagnosis for a spinal injury.

Care Plans and Treatments

Treatment for our personal injury patients depends on the injuries and the individual’s recovery goals. We create a care plan by considering the patient’s typical everyday movements (such as sitting, standing, reaching or lifting) and the impairments that were found on the examination.

Therapy sessions will be designed to heal the injured area and improve the patient’s quality of life by improving mobility and reducing pain during daily activities. Treatment that has been shown to work most effectively includes active rehabilitation through strengthening and functional exercises, aerobic conditioning, manual therapy, patient education on expectations for recovery, and a home exercise program.

Treatment sessions will take place at a Premier Total Healthcare, although we also assign each patient a home exercise program to be completed on their own at home. Completing this program outside of regular appointments helps to maximize the benefits of therapy.

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